thinking, sharing, understanding NORMAL.

About the Komen Tissue Bank

The Komen Tissue Bank is the only repository in the world for normal breast tissue and matched serum, plasma and DNA. We are committed to making a difference by acting as advocates for thinking, sharing and understanding NORMAL.  (Click here to read a story about the history of the Tissue Bank.)

The Komen Tissue Bank has made it a goal to address all thirteen of the priorities outlined in the NCI’s Report of the Breast Cancer Progresss Review Group, published in 1998.  Please click here to read the entire report.

Think Normal

We are transforming breast cancer research by offering NORMAL, high-quality, richly annotated tissue samples to scientists worldwide.

Share Normal

We are passionate about sharing our research resources and offer opportunities to participate, and influence ongoing treatment and prevention discovery.

Understand Normal

We understand the impact of collecting normal breast tissue and are driven to increase knowledge and awareness in the fight against breast cancer.

For directions and a map to the Komen Tissue Bank Offices at 550 University Blvd., please  click here and enter your starting point.
Once you turn in to the drive approaching our building, stay to the right and enter the University Hospital parking garage.  Take your ticket and proceed to the 2nd floor to park, where there is a walkway / bridge coming directly into the building.  Proceed until you come to a set of elevators marked as “Outpatient Elevators”.  Take these elevators to the 6th floor,  Exit to the left out of the elevator, then take another left and go down the length of that short hallway.  When it ends, turn left again and continue most of the way down the long hallway.  Ours is Room 6042, and is toward the end of the hall on your left. You will receive a voucher from us to validate your parking.


Meet the Komen Tissue Bank Team