Toto, This Isn’t Indiana Anymore!

Having become well established in Indianapolis, and having now developed a loyal support group of donors and volunteers, the Komen Tissue Bank has taken the first steps to branching out to other states. This past June, we held our first full tissue collection in another state, and were welcomed by the wonderful people of Louisville, KY.  While Louisville certainly is not geographically far from Indianapolis, the event there represented our first partnership with a non-Indiana University clinical facility, and therefore presented a new set of circumstances.

The event was very successful and a great learning experience, and we are in the middle stages of planning our next out-of-state venture, an event in Chicago on September 29th, when we will partner with John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County. Armed with the confidence that these achievements bring, the Komen Tissue Bank will venture much further afield in 2013, planning events in Houston and Orange County.

If any readers are from those areas, or have family or friends there, please spread the word that we are on our way. We need your help to ensure a full retinue of volunteers and donors.

Our final event of the year in Indianapolis will be held at the IU Simon Cancer Center on November 3.  Donor registration for our Chicago event will open on or soon after August 27th.  Registration for the Indianapolis event will open after October 14th.  Appointments are required for any women who wish to donate.  To register, please go to our website and click on “Tissue Donors”, then on “Donate Tissue”.


Thank you to everyone – donors, volunteers, and vendors – who came together to make our most recent event another awesome experience. We have only two more events this year – in Chicago on September 29th at John Stroger Cook County Hospital, and in Indianapolis on November 3rd at the IU Simon Cancer Center. Our first event of next year will be held in Indianapolis on February 9th.


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