In Memoriam – Sarah Rogers McClure

Sarah Rogers McClure was not physically known to many of us here at the KTB, and yet, through her mother, we felt her presence and her tenacious and generous spirit. Sarah was born in 1968, grew up in Newburgh, Indiana, and later graduated from Purdue University with a degree in chemical engineering. She married Bill McClure in 2002, and they lived in Cincinnati; later that same year, Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer. She and Bill moved forward with their lives, in 2004 adopting a daughter, Ann, from China. By participating in numerous events to raise awareness and funding, Sarah quietly helped others as they fought breast cancer. In 2007 she had hip replacement surgery for metastatic bone disease, but even after that, as a dedicated runner, she participated in a number of marathons.

Around that time, Sarah’s mom, Carol Rogers, was in contact with KTB’s Connie Rufenbarger. Connie and Carol met many years ago while working together with the National Breast Cancer Coalition. As a gesture of support for Sarah, they organized two busloads of people who came up from Evansville, where Carol lives, to donate and volunteer at a KTB collection event. It was a very successful effort – the first of its kind – to hold a large collection day. As survivors themselves, Connie and Carol had made a pact very early in their relationship that they would fight breast cancer in any way they could, so that their daughters would not have to face this disease. Unfortunately the final answers still elude us. Carol, now one of our dedicated volunteers, continues to assist and support the efforts of the KTB whenever and wherever she can.

Sarah passed away about eighteen months ago, completing her breast cancer journey on December 26, 2010. She represented the third generation of women in her family to be diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age; her maternal grandmother also died of the disease, and her mother, Carol, is a two-time survivor. Carol, along with Sarah’s husband Bill, designated the Komen Tissue Bank as one of the recipients of memorial gifts in remembrance of Sarah; to date more than $8,000 has been collected in her honor for this cause. We are grateful that in this way, Sarah’s generosity lives on.

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