Medical Followup – One of the most important things you can do

So you are one of the almost 3200 women who, to date, have donated the precious gift of healthy breast tissue to the KTB.  Congratulations!  You have done something that has the potential to change the world of breast cancer research.  Your gift could one day be the pathway to a cure; it would be a shame if it were not protected and enhanced to its fullest capability.  When that little piece of tissue is given to us for safekeeping and for later use in research, it is very important for us to know everything we can about its donor – not only at the time the tissue is taken, but also into the future.

The main piece of information we need to know, as the years go by, is whether you contracted breast cancer after you donated tissue.  We also need to have your current contact information, as well as information about any name changes.  Updating your medical information makes your tissue sample more valuable to the researchers who may use it in a project or a study.

In order to ensure that you receive our communications, it is of primary importance that we have your correct email address; in our efforts to be more efficient, acquiring an accurate email address for each of our donors will enable us to more quickly deliver any communications to you. Each year, you should receive an email (or a piece of regular mail, if we have your correct address) asking you to click on a link to our Medical Followup questionnaire.  This is a very short form which will take you only 5-10 minutes to complete. If you have not received a Medical Followup letter by mid-December, please contact us so that we can rectify whatever difficulties are occurring. You should receive this letter every single year; remember that medical followup is a recurring need for us.

While you are completing your Medical Followup questionnaire, please consider sending us your digital mammogram on a disk, if you have not already done so, and if you are of an age to have had a mammogram taken. This is quite easy to do; if it is difficult or inconvenient for you to acquire your mammogram to send in, just call your mammogram clinic and ask them to mail a disc directly to us.

If you donated your breast tissue more than one year ago, and you have not yet received any communication with regards to Medical Followup, please contact the Tissue Bank at so that you can be immediately updated in our system.

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