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Monthly Archives: April 2014

American Legion Post 250 in Mitchell, IN donates $3,300 to the KTB

On the afternoon of Monday, March 10th, Jill (our COO) and Amy (our Regulatory and Event Coordinator) got on the road and drove to Mitchell, Indiana.  The KTB had been asked to send someone from our office to appear in person to accept a donation from Mitchell’s local American Legion Post 250.… Read More >

Introducing Amy Trullinger – Welcome to the KTB Family!

There’s a new Event and Regulatory Coordinator in KTB Town!

Researcher chat…with Carla Finkielstein, Ph.D.

Dr. Finkielstein, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, talks about working with KTB samples.

LMD (Laser Microdissection) – What a Microscope

Here’s a tool that helps prove science is cool.

Interviews with KTB volunteers Peggy Frame and Rick and Liz McIntyre

These volunteers take on tasks at KTB collection events which bring them into contact with every single donor.

The research is coming, the research is coming!

To learn more about research that has been published using samples from the Komen Tissue Bank, please click here.… Read More >

Repeat donations

The KTB will be starting a new project directed at trying to acquire second donations from women who donated at least five years previously.  We will get more information out to you as the project progresses.… Read More >

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