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Crown (Wheaton/Bekins) moves the KTB

Cancer…The word itself seems to leave ashes on your tongue.

It is a deadly, ruthless disease that has affected most of us in some way shape or form.  Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for women in North America.  It accounts for nearly 30 percent of all cancer cases in females.  This is a staggering rate.  So what can we do?

We can fight back.  Through testing and continuous research we are able to learn more about the causes of this cancer; increased knowledge allows us to create better treatments and aids in prevention.  Since almost all of us are affected by breast cancer, it is important that each of us does our part to help stop it.

Indianapolis moving company, Crown Moving & Storage, an interstate agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving | Bekins Van Lines, has been working with The Komen Tissue Bank at the IU Simon Cancer Center (KTB) in Indianapolis, IN to support their research.  For nearly eight years, Crown Moving has provided storage for the KTB.  Crown’s professional movers relocate the KTB inventory, including specialized lab equipment and medical supplies, to every tissue collection event here in town and across the country, most recently to Houston.

“One of the great things about the support we get from Crown/Wheaton is that we always feel like no matter where we go we bring a bit of home with us,” said Jill Henry, COO of the Tissue Bank at the IU Simon Cancer Center.

Crown’s patronage has enabled the Tissue Bank to travel across the United States collecting tissue from donors.  “It is one thing when they move us from one building to another in Indianapolis, but it is absolutely phenomenal when that support extends across the country to places like Houston, Texas and Orange County, California,” adds Jill. Crown Moving & Storage has donated time and services to aid in the cause…what will you do to contribute?

If you would like more information about The Komen Tissue Bank at IU Simon Cancer Center, visit To learn more about Crown’s central Indiana moving services, visit .

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