Meet Connie Rufenbarger

Responsibility at the KTB:

I am a member of the Executive Committee as the Consumer Representative, the Scientific Advisory Committee, Internal Advisory Committee, Data Management Committee and the Proposal Review Committee for the KTB.

Why do you do what you do?  Or what brought you here?

The Catherine Peachey Fund has been committed to meeting the needs of the breast cancer researchers at the IU Cancer Center for many years. The opportunity to help develop and guide this bank at IU under the Komen umbrella means that we are taking a giant step forward for the world. Breast cancer brought me here, mine and that of so many women I have loved.

Favorite KTB story/experience?

Dr. Storniolo, Dr. Clare and myself doing our “Happy Dance” in the Komen elevator in Dallas for the security cameras is a moment to remember! If a million dollars won’t make you dance, I imagine nothing will.

Other passions in life:

Steve, my children, grandchildren, reading, learning and contemplating possibilities~~~

People would be surprised to know that you…

I love to kayak, hold Steve’s hand, hear someone is “node negative”, hold my grandchildren and sit quietly in gratitude for being able to make this amazing journey with the KTB.

Ice cream or pizza? 

Pizza served with ice cream.