Meet Kathi Ridley-Merriweather

Responsibility at the KTB:

Communications and Minority Recruitment Coordinator

Contact Information:


Why do you do what you do?  Or what brought you here?

I was in a job where I felt I was no longer learning, and in which the stress was increasing but the rewards were diminishing. I came here because I was excited at the idea of being in a position where I learn new things on a daily basis, and where my skills can really be put to use.

Favorite KTB story/experience?

I was asked to make a master copy of our donor journal – the book in which the women who come to give their breast tissue write down why they are there. That job took a long time. I had to flip pages and re-position the book between the copies, so I would see some of the entries. After a while I just gave up and sat down to read…what powerful stories. Some came in memory of a loved one, some came to support a friend or family member, but I was most struck by those who came simply because they are healthy and thriving, and finally feel that they can help. There are very few things worse than feeling helpless.

Other passions in life:

My family and friends, of course. I’m also passionate about traveling, acting, reading, music, and trying new things.

People would be surprised to know that you…

Actually can sit quietly and do very little. Not for long, but I can do it.

Ice cream or pizza?

Definitely ice cream.