Meet Liz Way

Responsibility at the KTB: 

Events and Regulatory Coordinator

Why do you do what you do?  Or what brought you here?

My journey in research at Indiana University started 10 years ago and I had no intentions of working in research but somehow it found me. I am fairly new to the Komen Tissue Bank but have been working in breast oncology research since 2006.  Breast oncology research is a passion of mine because my mother and 2 aunts are breast cancer survivors.  I feel very fortunate to come into work every day knowing I am helping find a cure to this disease that has personally affected my family.  I have met so many amazing women along my journey and I am honored to work with the breast oncology team at IU Simon Cancer Center.

Favorite KTB story/experience?

I would say my favorite KTB experience would be when my mom volunteered to help with a tissue collection event.  It was also very special because friends and family surprised my mom and came to donate in honor of her! It was pretty awesome day!

Other passions in life:

My family, music, gardening, knitting, traveling

People would be surprised to know that you… 

I love hats

Ice cream or pizza? 

Ice cream