Meet Theresa Mathieson

Responsibility at the KTB:

Biospecimen Manager

Why do you do what you do? Or what brought you here?

After many years doing research at the bench level I am enjoying the challenge and responsibility of collecting and keeping the Komen Tissue Bank samples in superb condition for high quality research.

 Favorite KTB story/experience?

 I love to see the freezer boxes filling up with samples and knowing that maybe one of them will unlock the door to a cure. I also love to see the “shipment received in good condition” messages from researchers who have received samples.

Other passions in life:

I am passionate about my Faith and my Family, and all things Science! Other things I enjoy are: traveling, hiking in the Sierras, reading, gardening, running, and Yoga, to name just a few.

People would be surprised to know that you…

are a Master Gardener.

Ice cream or pizza?

Both…… in the same meal!