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 Our next tissue collection event will be held in Indianapolis on January 21, 2017. Registration to volunteer for that event will be open in November 2016.

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Volunteer Jobs for Tissue Collection Events

Please click on any entry for a full job description. Click here to download a full listing of the jobs.

Volunteer Jobs Outside of Collection Events

We do occasionally have a need for help from our volunteers at times other than during our tissue collection events. This may include stuffing envelopes, assisting with a project being run by one of our staff, or working on projects that may require some comfort with computers and Excel. For these tasks volunteers are notified of the need by email and sometimes are able to complete tasks at home in their own time.


With the exceptions of Consenter, Phlebotomist, Laboratory Assistant, Surgeon/Radiologist Assistant, and Computer Assistant, there are no particular qualifications necessary to have as a volunteer, other than a great attitude and an ability and desire to follow specific directions. Anyone interested in inquiring about the four positions mentioned above should email us at Please include your name, phone number, and credentials so that we may initiate a conversation with you.