The Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Tissue Bank

at the IU Simon Cancer Center

Donor “Bill of Rights”

In part, a summary of topics contained in the current IRB-approved Indiana University Informed Consent Statement

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Tissue Bank and the IU Simon Cancer Center (Komen Tissue Bank) is a clinical trial which is regulated by the Indiana University Institutional Review Board.  You, as a donor of breast tissue and/or blood to the Komen Tissue Bank, have the right to know:


  • What type of study this is and why it is being done;
  • How many people will take part in this study;
  • What is involved in the study;
    • How the sample(s) will be collected;
    • The amount (size) of the sample(s);
    • How your mammogram is used, if you choose to submit one;
    • What paperwork you will need to complete;
      • What your choices are with regards to completing the questionnaire;
      • What type of follow-up will be requested from you;
      • How long you will be in the study;
      • Where your samples will be stored;
      • What the study risks are;
      • What benefits there are to you, if any;
      • What your other options are;
      • What costs you may incur, or compensation you may expect;
      • What your rights are, as a participant;
      • Whom to call if you have questions or problems;
      • About efforts of confidentiality.