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METB Database Search Mary Ellen’s Tissue Bank (METB) is the predecessor of the Komen Tissue Bank. There are many samples of DNA, serum and breast tissue available from METB in addition to those available from the Komen Bank. To access the specimens in METB, researchers must have an IU collaborator. Please contact Dr. Susan Clare about a possible collaboration if you wish to utilize specimens in METB.

Please click below to search Mary Ellen’s Tissue Bank for samples. The search includes a donor’s annotation data search and sample search. Click on the buttons to toggle between two searches. For age, menarche age, live births and number of biopsies, a – is required between the lower range value and the upper range value. To retrieve all the data, leave the fields blank. A result will be returned showing how many samples are in the Bank. You may request samples from both Mary Ellen’s Tissue Bank and the Komen Tissue Bank through the same proposal process. Only one submission is required to access both banks.


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