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From Facebook on April 4, 2018:

Last summer the KTB hosted Natalia McCallister, a high school student from Scecina Memorial, as an intern in our lab. Natalia was a fantastic addition to our KTB community. Like so many of our interns, she gave her all and dedicated herself to her assignments. Working under the direction of BCRF Research Scientist Natascia Marino, Natalia performed immunostaining of paraffin-embedded tissue sections and learned to use the laser microdissection microscope to perform microdissection of breast epithelium from frozen tissue sections. We are thrilled to announce (although probably not as thrilled as Natalia’s parents!) that our outstanding intern has been rewarded for her hard work in high school by earning a full scholarship to her dream school… Indiana University#Congratulations to Natalia from all of us at the KTB – we know you will do great things!

From Instagram on April 28, 2018:

Congratulations to #KTB #LHSI intern Ashley who rocked her poster presentation today. Great job, Ashley! #KTBProud

From Twitter on April 27, 2018:

Some interesting KTB trivia: as we approach the Spring deadline for researchers to request our samples, all three proposals submitted so far are from Australia! #WeLoveAussies #ThePowerOfNormal