Ladies and Gentlemen…Here’s Pam!


Meet Pam Rockey, Biospecimen Manager and newest member of the KTB Team


Hello!  I’m very excited to be a part of the amazing work happening at KTB!  I am originally from Greenville, Illinois, but moved to Indianapolis for my first job after completing a master’s degree in microbiology at Southern Illinois University.  Soon after, I met my husband on a recreational softball team, got married, and within a few years we started a family.  I left my full time research position to raise our son, and it was so much fun that we went on to have 4 more sons (yes, that’s a whole basketball team).  I spent several years as a pre-natal/post-partum fitness instructor before connecting with an outstanding direct sales company that allowed me to build a business and work from home.  Besides work, my days were full of babies, toddlers, sports (all the sports), family trips, school and church activities with the kids, and volunteering.  One of my favorite quotes- “The days are long, but the years are short”.

After 15 years I looked to return to a career where my experience and education crossed paths with my interests in research science.  Happily, I came across the Biospecimen Manager position at KTB – a seemingly perfect fit.  I am grateful that the wonderful staff at KTB felt the same and took a chance on me.  Having been incredibly fortunate to be part of the team that isolated the BRCA1 gene 25 years ago, I am excited now to continue being a small but integral part of breast cancer research by helping to understand NORMAL.  Everyone here has been so welcoming and I look forward to learning and growing in this next chapter.