KTB Scavenger Hunt

Test your knowledge and take this Komen Tissue Bank Social Media and Website quiz! Don’t worry… you can use your resources.  

Scavenger Hunt

If you have not already, follow us (@KomenTissueBank) on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and visit our website at https://komentissuebank.iu.edu/ and begin the search for answers! Following us on social media spreads awareness of KTB and helps our chances of receiving funding and grants. 


  1. What date was the very first KTB photo posted? 
  2. How many postsfeature someone wearing the KTB’s iconic neon green volunteer shirt? Look VERY closely and don’t forget to scroll through posts with multiple photos! 
  3. Who is the artist that created a painting for the silent auction at the KTB’s 10-year anniversary celebration in 2017? 
  4. On the first Zoom KTB staff meeting, who is located on the top right-hand corner? 
  5. What tattoo(s) does the cancer survivor have that the KTB team met at the Council President Young’s 2018 Senior Symposium?  
  6. What vegetables were used to spell out “KTB”?  


  1. What was the date that the NYC tissue collection event was held? 
  2. Name one activity KTB COO, Jill, had in her plans for summer 2019? 
  3. What day does Terrie Mahin volunteer at the KTB? 
  4. What did Dr. Anna Maria Storniolo and Rana German present on their poster at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium? 
  5. What was the recipe shared from the Just Peachey Recipe book?  
  6. What intern attended the Prospanica’s “La Vista from the Top” event at the Skyline Club with Alison?  


  1. What month and year did the KTB join Twitter? 
  2. What is the name of KTB’s research scientist Natascia’s baby that was born in 2019? 
  3. Who created the KTB 3D print for Valentine’s day? 
  4. Who is in the photo next to the donation of personal protective equipment? 
  5. What percent of minority donors were at the Nov 2019 tissue collection?  
  6. What IUPUI sporting event did the KTB team attend in 2019?  

KTB Website:

  1. Who are the six KTB corporate sponsors? 
  2. What is the approximate total tissue donation time? 
  3. When donating breast tissue, from where in the breast is the tissue taken? 
  4. What year was the tissue bank named “Susan G. Komen Tissue Bank at the IU Simon Cancer?” 
  5. Which city hosted the KTB out-of-town collection event in 2015? 
  6. How many total women have donated breast tissue, representing 45 states? 


Answer Key:

Scavenger Hunt Answer Key