Research Summaries

These lay summaries of published research using KTB Samples were produced by KTB Consumer Advocate Gena Asher.

44. Serum Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF)-I and IGF Binding Protein-3 in Relation to Terminal Duct Lobular Unit Involution of the Normal Breast in Caucasian and African American Women: The Susan G. Komen Tissue Bank

Oh, H. et al. 2018 Scientists have long studied how proteins affect activity in cells, some of which may lead to the formation of breast cancer. As they seek to determine what causes the racial disparities of breast cancer in Caucasian and African American women, they are looking at these cellular-[...]

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7. Telomere fusions in early human breast carcinoma

Tanaka, H., et al., 2012 Scientists have been examining telomeres as a way to see how cancer starts. Telomeres are part of DNA that protect the ends of chromosomes from becoming damaged. Each time a cell divides, telomeres become slightly shorter and may not perform theses tasks as well. They also [...]

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